Introduction To Yoga

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"Yoga" comes from the Sanskrit word "yuj" which means to yoke and is interpreted as "union. the word "Yoga" signifies , "what carries you to the real world". it signifies "association" Union methods it carries you to a definitive reality, where singular appearances of life are surface bubbles in the process of creation. At the present time, a apple tree and a papaya tree have sprung up from a similar earth. From the same earth, the human body and so many creatures have born up. It is the same earth. not a different earth In a real sense.

Yoga is the easiest and useful way to achieve the purpose of life and to remain stress free. Know why and how only 20 minutes of everyday Yoga can change your life.
Yoga is the method of talking to yourself :
there is a quiet man inside every human being whom we call conscience. Our conscience is usually right which is why its aforesaid that we are a part of God.. All incredible and great people have acknowledged that Inner Voice is the voice of God and this issue isnt Related to any specific religion.
The simplest way is to be happy is to pay attention to the voice of our conscience Because our conscience is usually right in each scenario. Whenever we are doing something bad, we feel someone strange is telling us not to do these things. its our conscience that stops us from doing something dangerous or bad things to anyone. And when we ignore our inner voice , then our contact with our conscience becomes weak.

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When we are going to do something bad for the second time, we feel our inner voice again, but this time that voice is not so strong because our contact with our consciousness has become weak. As we continue to ignore our self-consciousness our contact with our self-consciousness gets weaker and one day it comes that we do not hear that voice again.
As our contact with our consciousness gets more fragile, we begin feeling unhappy and look for satisfaction in material things. we become unable to solves our life issues, so that time stress becomes our companion. And in such a situation, we have to connect ourselves back to our consciousness and the best way to do that is Yoga.
Yoga is the Technique of Self Control and Self Realization :
As soon as we tend to stop hearing our conscience, we unable to manage ourselves and we don't acknowledge right and wrong. In such circumstance we dont control ourselves however situation control us. We follow the things what laziness, fear, stress, greed, anger, pride and jealousy make us do.
Yoga is a method of self-control and Self Realization that makes our life easier and happier. Yoga / Meditation increases our confidence and concentration, which changes our attitude towards problems. We are capable to solve our problems very easily in constructive ways which reduces stress.
Yoga : Connect With God
All Great people have recognized that our conscience has a Incredible power. We also sometimes feel that maybe our conscience is a part of God or our conscience is always attached to God, only then it is right in every situation.
Swami Vivekananda has said -
You will be unable to have faith in God until you faith in yourself. Therefore, before joining God, we have to connect with our conscience or when we join our conscience, then we are automatically connected to that wonderful divine power and Yoga connects us with our conscience. By continuously doing Yoga every day we start having wonderful experiences which cannot be told by words. We begin getting solutions to the questions that were still unsolved. We feel that we have some power inside us that always help us.
Healing Power of Yoga :
To calm the mind, instead of trying, it is necessary to give up efforts and this is the purpose of meditation. Yoga is a natural state of mind that removes the emptiness within us. It transforms us, so we figure out how to be happy except to discover satisfaction in material things.. each moment of our life becomes happy and we learn to live in the present. When our mind is calm and we feel satisfied in our life , then our concentration level increases and with that we are able to solve problems better and in those problems we start seeing possibilities.
Healing Therapy : Yoga Can Cure Diseases
It is said that the reason behind the most diseases is anxiety or stress. Through Yoga and meditation we can make the mind positive and stress-free so that positive energy enters our body and our body becomes healthy. Research has revealed that Yoga has Healing Power and they are beneficial in many diseases including cancer and many types of diseases can be overcome by Yoga because most of the diseases are caused by Stress or Anxiety and Yoga can remove Stress or Tension.

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Meditation Center

Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective.

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Yoga Center

Yoga means union. Etymologically, it is connected to the English word, yoke. Yoga means union with God or union of the little, ego-self with the divine Self, the infinite Spirit.

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Wellness Center

Is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness, is more than being free from illness, it' is process of change and growth.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Rishikesh Naturopathy offers 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India and 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India.

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 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

If you are interested to discover the hidden dimensions of life and its riddles, Rishikesh Naturopathy introduced 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India. our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India has all the instrument for aspiring Yoga Teachers to get a deep and strong knowledge of yoga and meditation. with an great variety of classes and full day by day plan, you can participate in so much or as much as you wish.

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

explore your spiritual side and improve your Yoga teaching knowledge and skills at expert level, our 300hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course at Rishikesh Naturopathy is the most ideal and prime choice. It truly is an unique training course that changes the lives of every one of those that are sufficiently fortunate to get the opportunity to experience it.Beyond the 300hrs training side of things, you can also have opportunity to learn more about the local area, local food,and many more things.

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Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh Naturopathy offers 7 days yoga retreat and 14 days Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh India

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 Best 7 Days Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh India

7 Days Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

our 7 Days Yoga Retreat is for you if you want to reconnect with nature and experience some great authentic Ayurvedic healing. When not having treatment there is many of more things to be delighted in at the Rishikesh naturopathy with a wide scope of activities on offer designed to animate both the body and mind.

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14 Days Yoga Retreat

our 14 days Yoga retreat are a great way to put your mind, body, and soul at rest and rejuvenate. Besides the yoga sessions, you can also have a view of surrounded Green mountains, bank of Ganga River, and pine forests. if you are one of those individuals who love to remain close to nature and engage with the scenic beauty, Rishikesh Naturopathy is the completely fit for you.

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Rishikesh Naturopathy offers 3 days, 6 days and 10 days wellness retreat program

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