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3 Days Wellness Retreat In Rishikesh India

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join the 3 Day Yoga Retreat Rishikesh provided by Naturopathy Rishikesh wellness retreat is all about learning to get healthy, stay focused, being productive, leaving the bad habits, staying energetic, wellness retreat in Rishikesh includes the special treatments especially of Ayurveda so you can feel energetic and stay healthy. Wellness retreat in Rishikesh makes you energetic, you will be more focused, more productive, you feel full of enthusiasm, you can concentrate more and stay more fused after taking 3 days wellness retreat , this happens because when your body removes the intoxicated things out of your body you feel more active and you stay more focussed.

situated in the lower regions of the Himalayas and encompassed by green mountains and forest, Rishikesh Naturopathy is probably the best retreat and with a broad scope of activities and treatments on offer is the ideal place to come to nourish your, body and soul. Ayurveda is the thing that Rishikesh Naturopathy is truly known for, anyway we likewise offers incredible reflection and yoga as well. our eatery serves the absolute best and pure Ayurvedic foods.

if you are looking to feel peace and calmness in your life and want to improve your yoga, and Meditation positions then Rishikesh Naturopathy is the best retreat for you. Featuring tranquil accommodation and Satvik local food sourced mostly from nearby villages, the atmosphere at Rishikesh Naturopathy is very laid-back, it’s your time to heal your body and soul through our 3 Days Wellness Retreat. our experienced and talented instructor will not make you disappoint.

The goal of your stay is total rejuvenation and relaxation. If you are looking for something truly unique then try our 3 Days Wellness Retreat, you will not regret about your decision after 3 days wellness retreat. we can help you master the art of silencing your mind and opening up to positive thoughts through Pranayama and other meditation techniques. so what are you waiting? book your slot now and stay well in advance. because slots fill up very fast since they are very affordable .

Course Dates and Fee

3 Day Yoga Retreat Rishikesh

  Rishikesh Yoga Wellness Retreat Icon
3 Days Wellness Retreat Rishikesh

Price For Couple : 31,000 INR

Booking Amount – 25% of Total Course Fee. Remaining Amount needs to pay on arrival.
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