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A Brief Description About The Ways Of Yoga

We at Rishikesh Naturopathy provides various types of Ayurvedic therapies and services to the our valuable clients. its your Wish how would you like to spend the time here, we can talk and come to a conclusion.


Shiatsu is a massage based on concepts in traditional Chinese medicine. It is an effective medical treatment. In shiatsu techniques like kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping and stretching are used. Shiatsu can treat many common conditions, such as headaches, anxiety, stress, muscle pain, sleep disturbance, stiffness and pregnancy discomfort.


Acupressure is a massage therapy technique that uses finger pressure to life force energy at specific spots on the body. It can be effective in helping relieve headaches, eyestrain, sinus problems, neck pain, backaches, arthritis, muscles aches, ulcer pain,indigestion,anxiety etc. this massage therapy is based on the theories of Traditional Chinese medicine.


Reiki is a form of massage therapy. This massage technique uses for stress reduction and relaxation. It is a simple and ayurvedic method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It is also a safe method. Reiki helps in the natural healing process of the body. It develops emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Color Therapy

Color therapy is a therapy which use colors and their frequencies to heal physical and emotional problems. It is also known as chromo therapy, chromopathy or color healing. Color therapy keeps the mind and body calm. Color therapy heals aches and pains in joints. Colors bring positive energy in mind and body. Color therapy is also use to cure many diseases.


Hydrotherapy is also known as hydropathy and water cure, it is a part of alternative medicine, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, that involves the use of water for pain relief and treatment. Hydrotherapy involves the use of water to treat various conditions, such as arthritis, rheumatic complaints and other oilments. It resembles swimming.

Hip Bath

Hip bath is one of the most valuable types of hydrotherapy. An exceptional kind of tub is utilized for the purpose. The tub is loaded up with water so that it covers the hips and reaches up to the navel when the patient sits in it. The reason for purpose is to break down and aid the end of poisonous substances put away in the body tissue through expanding blood circulation.

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